Geraint Hillard

From Barry

Heros: Geraint Hillard

In June 2009 Geraint was in a Jackal providing cover for a patrol. His vehicle drove over an IED. The blast was so severe that the mounted 40mm GMG was found 30 meters away from the wreckage. Geraint suffered 22 injuries.

He lost 60% of his liver, lost his spleen, fractured his back in four places, fractured his pelvis and hip joint, broke his foot, tibia and fibula and lost some teeth. Unfortunately he had to have his leg amputated later.

He was seen by chance by us at Headley Court. He explained that he had bought a property but this was inappropriate due to his injuries. Geraint used our Shared Ownership Scheme to buy a bungalow in Barry and is currently waiting for the MoD to adapt the house for him and his family.