Roy Newport

From Fowey

Hero: Roy Newport

Roy Newport was a member of a Territorial Army Royal Military Police unit. He deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 and was assigned to mentor the Afghan National Police in areas of Helmand where some of the worst fighting with the Taliban was taking place.

A combination of being caught in an IED blast whilst driving between checkpoints and the situations in which he found himself has left Roy with acute PTSD.

Roy is married with two children but finds some social and work situations difficult which most of us would consider routine due to his PTSD. Roy has taken to carpentry and his new house, bought outright by HHT, has a garage in which he can immerse himself in his new-found skill from which he derives much pleasure and comfort. It is Roy’s hope that in time, with a secure and stable home, the effects of his PTSD will begin to ease and he and his family can live a regular life.