Michael Courts

From Peterlee

Hero: Michael Courts

Michael Courts, Royal Regiment of Scotland, was injured twice on two separate tours of Afghanistan.

On Michael’s first tour of Afghanistan in 2009 he was involved in an IED blast in which he suffered a minor back injury. He seemingly recovered from this injury and soldiered on for the remainder of the deployment. Michael’s second tour in 2011 saw him take part in regular foot patrols and on one such patrol he attempted to jump over a ditch. The heavy kit he was carrying caused him to fall short and he injured his back in the very same place that it was hurt two years previously. Whilst he was desperate to continue soldiering Michael has been medically discharged and now works on oil rigs in the North Sea. Michael and HHT found a suitable house for him, his partner and their young son to live in. They own a stake in it and in time hope to own it outright.