Martyn Cowd

From Exmouth

Hero: Martyn Cowd

In 2009 Martyn was part of a mortar team covering a dangerous part of Helmand Province. When a nearby patrol was attacked by Taliban insurgents a US Apache helicopter was called in to support but in a fatal ‘blue-on-blue’ incident mistakenly fired upon Martyn and his team instead of the Taliban fighters. Martyn has injuries to his right side including his leg, hip, arm, hand and shoulder. He also has PTSD. Martyn owned a house in Taunton with his wife and three children but needed to move to Exmouth to be nearer to his support network of family and friends. Haig Housing purchased a family home in Martyn’s desired location to enable him to move sooner rather than have to wait for his existing house to be sold. Once Martyn’s former house was sold he used the proceeds to become a shared owner in the new property. He is now happy and settled and continuing his recovery from the injuries he suffered in Afghanistan.