Mark Ormrod

From Plymouth

Hero: Mark Ormrod

Mark Ormrod, Royal Marines, known as ‘The Bionic Marine’, lost both legs and an arm in Afghanistan.

Although he is an enormously positive person and has recently walked across the US, he has specific housing needs both in terms of suitable adaptations and geographic location. We were able to help him buy a house where he wanted to be. Together with his wife Becky, Mark is looking forward to the addition of a new member of the family this year. You can read more about Mark in an article in the Daily Mail on 19/08 - see the full article here

Having completed all the work on Mark’s house he had the following to say to the Coming Home team:

“I just wanted to say thank you for stepping in & helping us out when we needed it, things were looking pretty grim a while ago but because we had a roof over out heads we were able to crack on & now we are on the road to having a great family home.”