Linden Woodford

From Bournemouth

Hero: Linden Woodford

Linden was part of a fire-support team operating out of a patrol base in Helmand Province. In 2009, his callsign was engaging the Taliban when they requested air support. Unfortunately the aircraft that was meant to support the team misidentified its target and Linden was severely injured in a friendly fire incident.

Another was killed and six more were also injured. Linden was shot several times and suffered severe internal injuries which have left him weakened and unable to move freely. Linden and HHT have paid half each for a house near Bournemouth and from here Linden will be able to be near friends and family who will be able to support him in his transition from military to civilian life. Linden may chose to purchase more equity in the property further down the line and could end up owning the house outright.