Kiran Gurung

From Maidstone

Hero: Kiran Gurung

Pte Kiran Gurung, Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment, was serving in Afghanistan in 2010 when the vehicle he was in struck a mine. The vehicle took the force of the blast but Kiran suffered severe injuries as a result.

Flown back to the UK as a high priority casualty it was thought Kiran would not survive his injuries. However, thanks to medical efforts he did survive but spends much of his time in a wheelchair. He has the use of his arms to propel himself but his mobility has been severely impaired. The blast also caused Kiran a brain injury and left him unable to fully care for himself.

Above: Kiran Gurung receives campaign medal from CGS General Sir David Richards

Kiran is a single soldier whose family have been flown to the UK from Nepal to care for him. HHT purchased a suitable bungalow outright for Kiran and his family and they will move in as soon as his medical treatment will allow. Extensive adaptations to the property including widening of corridors and doorways and new bathroom facilities will ensure his life is as comfortable as possible.