Ian Costello

From Norwich

Hero: Ian Costello

Trooper Ian Costello was seriously wounded with multiple spinal fractures, two shattered feet and severe skull fractures which later led to serious memory loss, in Helmand Province, Afghanistan in July 2009.

Serving with The Light Dragoons on Operation HERRICK 10, during a routine patrol to Check Point 11 in the vicinity of the hostile region of Babaji, he was caught in an Improvised Explosive Device detonation.

Ian was rapidly flown back to the UK and was in hospital within 24 hours. Due to his complex injuries he spent 9 weeks under the care of Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham before moving to Headley Court, where he started the rigorous rehabilitation process which included daily remedial fitness, intense physiotherapy and aqua training.

Ian has supported throughout his rehabilitation process. While at Headley Court his wife was able to stay at SSAFA’s Norton House and various charitable trusts including Help For Heroes and Battle Back have been involved. This has enabled him to re-engage in his love of outdoor pursuits. Since being injured, he has achieved various Scuba Diving Qualifications and represents the Army Scuba Diving Team. He regularly leads scuba diving expeditions on behalf of Help for Heros, as part of the Battle Back courses. In October 2011 Ian lead a very successful dive expedition in Portugal.

However, although he has a naturally proactive attitude which has assisted in a much speedier recovery than expected, he still remains on the long slow road to recovery with a daily rehabilitation programme and probably will be for some time

Haig Housing Trust is helping Ian and his wife with their long term housing needs and, through the associated charity Haig Homes, have been able to house Ian and his family in suitable accommodation in Norwich.