George Pas

From Chard

hero: George Pas

Sergeant George Pas is a member of 6th Rifles, a TA Battalion based in Exeter.Whilst returning from work on his motorbike, he collided with a car which left him with severe injuries, including his back, which was broken in 7 places.

After the accident, George was admitted to the specialist spinal unit at Salisbury Hospital for rehabilitation and is currently in a wheelchair. Haig Housing Trust, were asked to get involved with George and his family by the Regimental Casualty Officer of The Rifles.

George’s family were living in a 3 storey town house, which was unsuitable for adaptations. When George was at home he would have to spend his time downstairs with no way of being able to make use of the upstairs. Rory Ingleby-MacKenzie, Operations Director at Haig Housing Trust, visited the family to establish how the Trust could best utilise our expertise and help find more suitable accommodation.

A suitable property has been found; a 4 bedroom bungalow in an area George and his family want to live. The Trust purchased the property on behalf of George. Once their current property has been sold they will enter into the Shared Ownership Scheme, with HHT.

George has aspirations to remain in uniform. “My challenge is now to stay in the uniform, I’m not stupid enough to think I’m going to be in the infantry you need to be mobile and I know I’m not mobile at the moment. I’m staying positive. There’s no point sitting around at night crying about what has happened because my legs aren’t going to suddenly start working in the morning. I’m not thinking about the doors which have closed, but looking at the doors which have stayed open.”