George Norton

From Sunderland

Hero: George Norton

George was in Afghanistan in November 2011 when he was shot in the head. His family feared the worst but he survived although part of his skull had to be removed to reduce pressure on his brain.

He was expected to be wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. However, due to the amazing treatment and rehabilitation he received at Headley Court and the BIRT Trust in Leeds he has made remarkable progress and can walk again. His wife was also serving in the Armed Forces and during his rehabilitation process she was medically discharged from the army.

The family had planned for their future buying a house for their family in Sunderland. Unfortunately this was inappropriate for George. This is where we came in. George took advantage of our Shared Ownership Scheme and we have jointly bought a bungalow for the family. Work is due to commence on adapting it for his needs. The family are delighted with the house and are looking forwards to moving in.