Chris Yates

From North Yorkshire

Hero: Chris Yates

In 2011 Chris was with 34 Field Squadron (Air Support), 25 Engineer Regiment. He had been asked to load some stores on to a military vehicle but as he went to lower the tailgate it fell off and hit him on the head and back. Chris was knocked unconscious for half an hour. Chris was taken to hospital and x-rayed but sent home with basic pain relief. Later that night he suffered complications and he was readmitted to hospital for a few days to undergo tests. Chris has been in and out of hospital numerous times but it was only in 2012 that it was discovered he had suffered severe kidney damage. As someone who loved being in the Army Chris was devastated when he was told he had to be medically discharged. Unsure how he was going to support his family Chris applied to Haig Housing for assistance. We were able to purchase a house for Chris and his family in an area he is familiar with and which is suitable for him and his family. Once Chris has received his insurance and compensation payouts he will purchase a share of equity in the house and become a shred owner.