Since 2011, Coming Home has housed well over 50 deserving ex-Servicemen and their families. Adapting properties to fit each individual case, we have been able to help with the veteran’s transition into civilian life and helped them to adapt to their life changing injuries. We are immensely proud of their sacrifices and stories - please find below the profiles of some of the ex-Servicemen we have helped.

Hero: Andrew Deans
Andrew Deans
Andrew was diagnosed with intracranial stenosis in 2013. This is a thinning of the blood vessels in the brain and causes the sufferer to have mini-strokes on a regular basis.

Hero: Chris Yates
Chris Yates
In 2011 Chris was with 34 Field Squadron (Air Support), 25 Engineer Regiment. He had been asked to load some stores on to a military vehicle but as he went to lower the tailgate it fell off and hit him on the head and back.

Hero: Christopher Cheffings
Christopher Cheffings
Corporal Chris Cheffings was a vehicle commander with the Queens Royal Lancers in Southern Afghanistan in 2008, whilst on patrol his Viking Armoured Vehicle was struck by an IED.

Hero: David Henson
David Henson
Lt David Henson was the Royal Engineer search advisor to A Coy 1 Royal Irish in Afghanistan. Whilst searching a compound on the 13th February 2011 in the Nad-e-Ali South area of Helmand Province, he triggered a booby trap, detonating an IED.

Hero: Dean Williams
Dean Williams
On 25 July 2009, Rifleman Dean Williams of 2 RIFLES, then 19 years old, sustained severe multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen whilst on patrol in Helmand province, Afghanistan. Transfused with 75 litres of blood and 75 units of platelets, enough to totally replace his blood at least 10 times, his condition was stabilised at Camp Bastion before he was flown to Germany by USAF C-17, accompanied by a highly skilled US Army medical team using Nova Lung Technology.

Hero: Derek Derenalagi
Derek Derenalagi
Derek Derenalagi, 2 MERCIAN, is a larger than life Fijian soldier who fell victim of anti-tank mine in Afghanistan in July 2007. Paralysed at the side of the road, medics immediately pronounced him dead. He wasn’t, but the damage to his once fit and healthy body was so bad that it was necessary to amputate both his legs.

Hero: Dwayne Deare
Dwayne Deare
Dwayne Deare, RIFLES, was injured by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in Afghanistan in December 2009.

Hero: George Norton
George Norton
George was in Afghanistan in November 2011 when he was shot in the head. His family feared the worst but he survived although part of his skull had to be removed to reduce pressure on his brain.

hero: George Pas
George Pas
Sergeant George Pas is a member of 6th Rifles, a TA Battalion based in Exeter.Whilst returning from work on his motorbike, he collided with a car which left him with severe injuries, including his back, which was broken in 7 places.

Heros: Geraint Hillard
Geraint Hillard
In June 2009 Geraint was in a Jackal providing cover for a patrol. His vehicle drove over an IED. The blast was so severe that the mounted 40mm GMG was found 30 meters away from the wreckage. Geraint suffered 22 injuries.

Hero: Ian Costello
Ian Costello
Trooper Ian Costello was seriously wounded with multiple spinal fractures, two shattered feet and severe skull fractures which later led to serious memory loss, in Helmand Province, Afghanistan in July 2009. Serving with The Light Dragoons on Operation HERRICK 10, during a routine patrol to Check Point 11 in the vicinity of the hostile region of Babaji, he was caught in an Improvised Explosive Device detonation.

Hero: Kiran Gurung
Kiran Gurung
Pte Kiran Gurung, Queen's Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment, was serving in Afghanistan in 2010 when the vehicle he was in struck a mine. The vehicle took the force of the blast but Kiran suffered severe injuries as a result.

Hero: Linden Woodford
Linden Woodford
Linden was part of a fire-support team operating out of a patrol base in Helmand Province. In 2009, his callsign was engaging the Taliban when they requested air support. Unfortunately the aircraft that was meant to support the team misidentified its target and Linden was severely injured in a friendly fire incident.

Hero: Lionel O’Connor
Lionel O'Connor
Lionel O’Connor, soldier and amateur boxer, remembers lying in the back of his patrol vehicle after being blown up by a roadside bomb in Iraq. He had lost his leg in the blast, was bleeding heavily and there were the bodies of two dead soldiers lying over him. When the rescue party arrived his humour shone through, he joked to them “Have you ever seen a one legged boxer?”

Hero: Mandeep Rai
Mandeep Rai
Mandeep was shot in the leg whilst out on patrol in Helmand Province in May 2010. The bullet fractured his right tibia.

Hero: Mark Ormrod
Mark Ormrod
Mark Ormrod, Royal Marines, known as ‘The Bionic Marine’, lost both legs and an arm in Afghanistan.

Hero: Martin Tye
Martin Tye
On 18 Aug 2009, LCpl Martin Tye RLC was seriously injured when a suicide bomber drove in to his vehicle in Kabul. He suffered multiple injuries to his lungs, legs, shoulder, bi-lateral knee injuries, various muscle tears, shrapnel all over his body and now has arthritis. He was given 10% chance of living. However, he has made remarkable progress with his recovery.

Hero: Martyn Cowd
Martyn Cowd
In 2009 Martyn was part of a mortar team covering a dangerous part of Helmand Province. When a nearby patrol was attacked by Taliban insurgents a US Apache helicopter was called in to support but in a fatal ‘blue-on-blue’ incident mistakenly fired upon Martyn and his team instead of the Taliban fighters.

Hero: Michael Courts
Michael Courts
Michael Courts, Royal Regiment of Scotland, was injured twice on two separate tours of Afghanistan.

Hero: Michael Swain
Michael Swain
Michael was in stationed in Sangin Afghanistan in November 2009 when he was severly wounded by an I.E.D whilst on foot patrol. He lost both legs above the knee and suffered severe shrapnel wounds to his left arm and nerve damage to his right.

Hero: Pa Modou Njie
Pa Modou Njie
Pte Pa Modou Njie of 1 Mercian, a popular and cheerful soldier from The Gambia, was blown up whilst on routine foot patrol, resulting in the loss of both legs in September 2010.

Hero: Pete Dunning
Pete Dunning
Marine Peter Dunning, 24, was in a Viking vehicle when it hit a buried homemade bomb in Afghanistan in May 2008. The blast was so fearsome it sent the vehicle's six-tonne cab flying 20 feet.

Hero: Roy Newport
Roy Newport
Roy Newport was a member of a Territorial Army Royal Military Police unit. He deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 and was assigned to mentor the Afghan National Police in areas of Helmand where some of the worst fighting with the Taliban was taking place.

Hero: Scott Yarrington
Scott Yarrington
Lance Corporal Scott Yarrington lost both legs as a result of an improvised explosive device during a routine patrol in Southern Afghanistan whilst in deployment with the Irish Guards.

Hero: Simon Gilmour
Simon Gilmour
Corporal Simon Gilmour has been doubly injured; first by an explosion in Afghanistan and then, following discharge from hospital was left tetraplegic after a road traffic accident.

Hero: Talan Skeels-Piggins
Talan Skeels-Piggins
Talan Skeels-Piggins is a former Naval Lieutenant flight controller. Following a motorcycle accident in March 2003 which shattered his spine and broke his neck, he is now paralysed from the chest down.

Hero: Tirthraj Thapa
Tirthraj Thapa
In May 2010 Tirthraj was serving with 1RGR in the Nahr-e-Saraj (South) region of Helmand Province, southern Afghanistan. An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detonated near to Tirthraj whilst he was deployed on a foot patrol injuring him badly.